MId Week Ride Dec 17, 2016



  • Meeting at some place on highway 101


Chris Weld organized a Mid-Week ride for Wednesday, Decd 21. We are to meet somewhere on highway 101 North of San Francisco. “Oh, don’t worry, WWWobble knows how to get there”. It was only a mater of getting to WWWobble’s home and he’d guide us the rest of the way to the appointed place.

“We will need to coordinate this”.

“Russ, since you are the farthest South, meet me at the Chevron station at the intersection of Highway 85 and De Anza, Bob Ramberg (new guy) you too. Harry (Bahlman II) we’ll meet you at the exit of highway 280 and Alpine Rd” and head for WWWobble’s house.

All this seemed to line up correctly. Implementing however turn out altogether different.

Russ, as expected, on time. No Bob. By 8:00 am, Russ and I abandoned Bob, believing he had a change of plans. Well, not exactly. He had the same plans, just the wrong Chevron station. As we are riding on Highway 280 heading North, I get a phone call from Bob. We were able to sort it out what went wrong, and fixed it with new directions all the way to WWWobble’s house.

While I am giving directions to Bob… DANG!! I went right by the Alpine exit to meet with Harry. How am I going to fix this? 75 miles an hours I must decide what to do. Dang, Dang, dang!… he knows how to get to WWWobble’s house, or so I hoped.

Both Harry and Bob arrived and I could see the steam coming out their ears… two, very not happy campers. This is all Harry could say, Alberto… you, you… YOU! And he was being polite. Bob the new guy, well, pissed is too mild.

But let us face it, I have always said to be “directionally challenged” and that, I now know, includes “giving” directions!… But, nice try Alberto.

So far Alberto is TWO for TWO. Let that be a lesson to all of you. If ever you coordinate with Alberto, count on not counting on him! The guy is an abject failure! (Common Alberto, be kind on yourself… NO! I refuse.)

So we got to WWWobble’s house just as Markus is arriving. You can always count on a good cup-a-joe at WWWobble’s house, but thats it! Markus fortunately knows this and he brought a box of Croisants. Markus, you are the perfect match for Alberto… He is useless, you saved the day! Thank you for the munchies!

As we are having coffee and Croisants, Harry and Bob (new guy) arrive. All right. The group is complete!

9:00 am sharp, WWWobble, Markus, Bob (NG), Russ, Harry and Alberto head north to meet with Chris and who knows how many (this “how many” has a special meaning… read on).

WWWobble takes us through the Sunset District of San Francisco. Up and down, left and right… I think he was improvising, but no. Lo and behold ahead we can see the Golden Gate. By gummies, the guy really knows his way around.

In short order we arrive to the appointed rendezvous spot. I assure you, it was basically no-where! It was some forsaken shopping center next to the freeway. Good choice Chris (you are like Alberto… useless! How can you select this place? – and thank you WWWobble for getting us safely here).

At the no-where-place I see a hive of riders and a ton of motorcycles. Upon counting, it is an additional seven riders, for a total of twelve. That’s a lot of bikes. I do not think to ever have ridden with such a large group – one traffic light and the group is toast, is all I could think.

Quickly, we all mounted and headed out. Yes it was a motorcycle snake on highway 101. I was not happy to see us occupy two and sometimes three lanes. Dangerous I thought. Passing left and right, no order to it. Like I said… not happy about this.

Fortunately, we left Highway 101 at Lucas Valley Rd. Ahhh, time to relax; this is one sweet riding road. Later, San Ignacio Valley Rd, to eventually take a rest at the Cheese Factory. A recount of citizens gave me exactly twelve. Chris, Don Thiele, WWWobble, Mike Young, Rob Hayman, Simon (college professor), Paul, Russ Danielson, Bob (NG), Alberto and Harry.

That was an apt description, a snake of riders along the freeway. I must admit, it had some charm to it.

Eventually we went to Dillon Beach intending top get something to eat… the facility was closed. From there by way of Valley Forge Rd we wends our way to, I think, Occidental. We ate a late lunch and some (me included) headed home from there, others went … they will have to tell that story.

Thank you all; it was a great riding day with greater riders.


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