Midweek ride March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017

Today Chris Weld organized a ride believing that many would show up. Oh, surprise! Russ, myself and Chris, that is it. I think Chris was a little disappointed because the day was made for riding.... many could have enjoyed this.

I wonder if the starting point had much to do with it. Mike's Cafe in Pleasanton is, for intense and purpose... NOWHERE! For me it required one hour drive because of the traffic - rush hour heading North on Hwy 680, no fun.

Breakfast was, however very decent. I'd say a better fair than most places. Maybe it was the greatest because Russ spring for the breakfast... ahhh, thank you guy.

From Pleasanton, headed toward Livermore by Hwy 580, Vasco Rd South and Tessa Road East. What a gorgeous day!

The ride to Paterson was actually meaningless, after which we headed West toward The Junction at mines Rd.

Here we ate lunch, compliments of Alberto (Including the County Sheriff)

Hey Chris! Can I dispose you of your windshield? Sure thing Alberto ... and we did a quick fix. This is a wind deflector that I am interested in purchasing.

Here Russ took off early citing some appointment, yeah right! Russ always takes off early. It's just his way. No proble, he is a fun steady rider who hardly ever misses a ride.

CHris and I headed towardLick Observatory, Chris's paid his to his first wife whose ashes are spread on the "black side of Mt Hamilton"

Up to the observatory we went and home from there. I got home at 4:00 pm or a bit later. Tired but immensely happy.

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  1. I would have liked to seen the still photos I sent you. Suggest you cut the previous ride’s photos. That’s a personal observation..

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