Midweek ride March 2, 2017

1 March 2, 2017 Today Chris Weld organized a ride believing that many would show up. Oh, surprise! Russ, myself and Chris, that is it. I think Chris was a little disappointed because the day was made for riding…. many could have enjoyed this. I wonder if the starting point had much to do with […]

MId Week Ride Dec 17, 2016

FISRT… A FEW IMAGES     Chris Weld organized a Mid-Week ride for Wednesday, Decd 21. We are to meet somewhere on highway 101 North of San Francisco. “Oh, don’t worry, WWWobble knows how to get there”. It was only a mater of getting to WWWobble’s home and he’d guide us the rest of the […]

November 8 – Morro Bay

DOWN TO MORRO BAY November 8, 2016 IMAGES FIRST   November 8th. Harry Bahlman throws a gauntlet SMBC’ers, I am zigzagging south down the coast Friday morning, perhaps Nacimiento-Fergusson road 🙂 staying at Morro Bay State Park, site 098. Having dinner in town, then heading back Hwy 1 Saturday morning. Let me know if you want […]

Dec 8, 2016 – A Ride In The Thirties

Chris started the whole thing this way: For any of you riders still working…  should you have any year end vacation days you need to take,  here is an invite from Chris Weld for a MidWeek ride Our own remembrance of Pearl Harbor..  Meet-up prior to 10 a.m. at Skylonda Corners, across the road from […]